Pasta Party for 5-1

Elizabeth Sowers

Good Evening,

What an exciting win against Wiss last week! Hopefully this week will bring the boys back-to-back victories on Thursday at Spark against ANC and Friday up at Souderton HS. 

This Wednesday, 5-1-19 we are scheduled to have our 3rd pasta party of the season. Thank you to those who have volunteered to prepare food and provide supplies. Unfortunately, we still do not have a “home” to host the boys. If we do not have a volunteer by this time tomorrow evening then we will have to cancel the dinner. It’s really just a matter of providing the space, a few tables and chairs, everything else is taken care of by the volunteers who help in the food preparation.

The boys really do enjoy the dinners so if you think you might be interested log onto signup genuis and insert your name!!!!

Go Cards!!!!!

Liz Sowers

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